Jun. 20th, 2016

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So sometime last year, I modified a code from this Insanejournal post that could be used for [community profile] driftfleet ship pages! Now a year later, I've managed to come up with a revised update for the code!

So what's been updated?

➣ HTML and CSS has been updated and streamlined so it fits HTML5 and CSS3 guidelines about 99% of the time.

➣ Alt tags have been added to the non-background images to make it readable for screen readers and other devices!

➣ Bugs in the code with the text spacing, images and the mysterious floaty bit has been fixed! No more weird untouchable box of mystery.

➣ Navigation Comments have been added through the code so it's easier to tell what's affects what, and there was a general attempt to make the code more user-friendly

➣ An option to add a background that includes your ship's logo has been added!

WARNING: I tried my best to troubleshoot the worst of the problems, but other ones could still to pop up. I'd also recommend having some knowledge in HTML/coding if you want to use this code. It's easier than it was before, but it can still be tricky. Don't worry if you decide not use it, these sorts of pages are COMPLETELY OPTIONAL fun thing for your ship!

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