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Howdy all! I'm in an RP that uses phones as their network device, so I decided to make some CR charts that fit the theme! Not only that, but the blue one is in the flavor of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel's menu, for any fans of the series!

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Hey guys it's been a bit! So I joined [community profile] recolle recently, and it's been a lot of fun! As such, I felt inspired to make a simple CR code that kinda matches the Retrospect layout.

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Hey everyone! As part of my holiday giveaway, I have a simple Inception inspired CR code that allows for someone to post an visual image (or the totems in Inception's case) that's associated with a character! This was made for [plurk.com profile] everlark, but anyone is free grab as well! I made two versions of the code, one with an option for text and one without. Enjoy!

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Hey guys! Today as the first creation of my holiday creation, I have a more-or-less simple Dragon Age II CR code. This one was made for [plurk.com profile] reikofanel, but anyone is free to grab it as well! I also have a more in-depth code for those of you who like fancy images and text, but that one hit a bit of a...technical roadblock this morning, so that will come up later!

CR prototype

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