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[sticky entry] Sticky: Code Commission Post

Funny story, apparently you require money to survive. So I'm opening up coding commissions! Details below!

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Phone CR Chart! (Trails of Cold Steel Inspired)

Howdy all! I'm in an RP that uses phones as their network device, so I decided to make some CR charts that fit the theme! Not only that, but the blue one is in the flavor of The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel's menu, for any fans of the series!

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AU Profile Code

Hello everyone! Today I'm bringing you a profile code that was made primarily with AU RPs in mind, as there's a lot of great ones out there!

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Recolle Simple CR Code

Hey guys it's been a bit! So I joined [community profile] recolle recently, and it's been a lot of fun! As such, I felt inspired to make a simple CR code that kinda matches the Retrospect layout.

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Inception Totem CR Chart

Hey everyone! As part of my holiday giveaway, I have a simple Inception inspired CR code that allows for someone to post an visual image (or the totems in Inception's case) that's associated with a character! This was made for [plurk.com profile] everlark, but anyone is free grab as well! I made two versions of the code, one with an option for text and one without. Enjoy!

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Simple Dragon Age II CR Code!

Hey guys! Today as the first creation of my holiday creation, I have a more-or-less simple Dragon Age II CR code. This one was made for [plurk.com profile] reikofanel, but anyone is free to grab it as well! I also have a more in-depth code for those of you who like fancy images and text, but that one hit a bit of a...technical roadblock this morning, so that will come up later!

CR prototype

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Hey guys! In honor of the holidays, I'm opening up a limited number of slots for my friends to request coding commissions for free!

  1. We must be mutual friends on my plurk!
  2. You can only request one code for a commission!
  3. The codes will be made to work on Dreamwidth's interface. Theoretically these be used on LJ and IJ, but they may encounter bugs.
  4. The code will be shared here and on [community profile] dreamcodes unless specified otherwise.
  5. Code will be delivered at the latest by February 14th (though hopefully much earlier!).
  6. I do retain the right to refuse to make a code if need be. Hopefully that'll be a rarity though.
  7. I will do the following types of codes for free. If you wish for something more complex such as journal or plurk layouts, I may eventually do paid commissions down the line:
    • CR Chart
    • AC tracker
    • Navigation Menu
    • Playlist
    • Muselist

  1. Kate Code
  2. Kukki
  3. Babs
  4. Reiko - Code
  5. Ziya
  6. OPEN
  7. OPEN

Interested? Then please fill out this form! All comments will be screened.

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Trekking Visualosities

Hello all! Today we shall boldly go, and bring you a visualosities code based on the OG of fandoms! Star Trek!

Small Preview

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Zesty Inventory Code

Hi Everyone! Today I'm bringing you a nifty character sheet and inventory code, based on the menu interface of Tales of Zestiria!

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Lyric Playlist Code!

This is a code for a playlist that include lyrics! Comes in two color varieties.

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Starry Activity Tracker

Hi all! Just a simple activity tracker for you today:

Code by Yuff

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So sometime last year, I modified a code from this Insanejournal post that could be used for [community profile] driftfleet ship pages! Now a year later, I've managed to come up with a revised update for the code!

So what's been updated?

➣ HTML and CSS has been updated and streamlined so it fits HTML5 and CSS3 guidelines about 99% of the time.

➣ Alt tags have been added to the non-background images to make it readable for screen readers and other devices!

➣ Bugs in the code with the text spacing, images and the mysterious floaty bit has been fixed! No more weird untouchable box of mystery.

➣ Navigation Comments have been added through the code so it's easier to tell what's affects what, and there was a general attempt to make the code more user-friendly

➣ An option to add a background that includes your ship's logo has been added!

WARNING: I tried my best to troubleshoot the worst of the problems, but other ones could still to pop up. I'd also recommend having some knowledge in HTML/coding if you want to use this code. It's easier than it was before, but it can still be tricky. Don't worry if you decide not use it, these sorts of pages are COMPLETELY OPTIONAL fun thing for your ship!

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Squares Profile Code

Character Name

Character Name

Character Name

Character Name
Code by Yuff

Select a Color:
Gray Blue Red Gold

A navigation profile for your journal!
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