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Squares Profile Code

Character Name

Character Name

Character Name

Character Name
Code by Yuff

Select a Color:
Gray Blue Red Gold

A navigation profile for your journal!

Gray: Blue:
Red: Gold:

Code Notes

  • Images for this code should be ideally at 300x400px, but it will resize itself on its own.

  • Extra navigation links can be added, the code accomadates up to SEVEN links before it starts to get work! Just make sure to paste the additional links between the first and last links, as those are the ones with the fancy curving code.

  • Feel free to edit the colors or any other parts of the code! Colors are in RGB(X,X,X) format.

  • The Sora artwork was made by MrLipSchutz on DA. I currently don't know who to credit for the Allen art, please let me know if you know!

  • Speaking of credit, please keep the credit line attached to the code! Thanks!

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