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Yuff ([personal profile] randomtology) wrote in [community profile] yuff2017-03-18 09:37 pm
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Recolle Simple CR Code

Hey guys it's been a bit! So I joined [community profile] recolle recently, and it's been a lot of fun! As such, I felt inspired to make a simple CR code that kinda matches the Retrospect layout.

Live Preview


  • The text area allows for about 2-3 small lines of text. Someday I might make a version that'll allow for more text, but I wanted to keep this simple.
  • Downside is superlong names can sometimes mess up the code. You can lower the font size or just shorten the name somehow.
  • I do request/recommend uploading your own version of the Retrospec flower just to save on bandwidth.
  • This is compatible with Slip's CR chart automation algorithm, so take advantage of that if you wish.
  • Modifications are totally fine. I'd love to see what you do with it though!
  • Comments are nice but not necessary. However, please leave the credit line on!