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Hey guys! In honor of the holidays, I'm opening up a limited number of slots for my friends to request coding commissions for free!

  1. We must be mutual friends on my plurk!
  2. You can only request one code for a commission!
  3. The codes will be made to work on Dreamwidth's interface. Theoretically these be used on LJ and IJ, but they may encounter bugs.
  4. The code will be shared here and on [community profile] dreamcodes unless specified otherwise.
  5. Code will be delivered at the latest by February 14th (though hopefully much earlier!).
  6. I do retain the right to refuse to make a code if need be. Hopefully that'll be a rarity though.
  7. I will do the following types of codes for free. If you wish for something more complex such as journal or plurk layouts, I may eventually do paid commissions down the line:
    • CR Chart
    • AC tracker
    • Navigation Menu
    • Playlist
    • Muselist

  1. Kate Code
  2. Kukki
  3. Babs
  4. Reiko - Code
  5. Ziya
  6. OPEN
  7. OPEN

Interested? Then please fill out this form! All comments will be screened.