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Lyric Playlist Code!

This is a code for a playlist that include lyrics! Comes in two color varieties.

blue preview yellow preview
Blue Live Preview
Yellow Live Preview

Code (Blue):

Code (Yellow):

If you want to edit the colors, replace the following with your own colors:
Blue: #133a55 #204b6e #84b0cb #c2f7ff #e2f1fb

Yellow: #402f03 #634408 #aa7b2d #fde875 #fff391

  • This is not a playlist that plays directly from the page, rather it links to a streaming site of your choice. The links are modified to open these sites in a new tab. If you don't want that, get rid of target="_blank" from the link codes.
  • Modifications are totally fine. I'd love to see what you did with it though!
  • Comments are nice but not necessary. However, please leave the credit line on!

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